Sunday, October 4, 2015

Great Jewish figures in American show biz- and "The Big Picture"

Honeycomb (from Lenny
Lenny- Graphics by Light of Day

The film Lenny had a deep effect on me when I saw it as an adolescent when it first came out. Lenny Bruce became a hero of mine as a person who told the truth the way he saw it without holding back a drop. Honeycomb by Ralph Burns really evokes the 50s-60s world of Lenny Bruce, and is a total kick for all of us in the band to play. Our musical treatment evokes the atmosphere of underground New York then and now. 

Keep it Gay (from The Producers)

The original version of The Producers changed my life! To be able to actually laugh in the face of (and therefore triumph over) our most horrible nightmares was a total revelation to me as an adolescent. Mel Brooks, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder became 
Funny Girl- graphics by Light of Day
three of my greatest heroes after I saw The Producers when it first 
came out in 1968. 
Yes...we cheated a little by using music from the film of the Broadway musical version… we couldn’t exactly use the
outrageous song Springtime for Hitler in The Big Picture.
But it was worth it to me to be able to include an homage to The Producers in our show.

People (from Funny Girl)

The phenomenon of Barbara Streisand is awe inspiring to me. To be able to pay tribute to one of the most iconic Jewish Americans on the planet 
in People is really an honor.

Tradition (from Fiddler on The Roof)

I loved Fiddler on the Roof when I was a kid, but when I decided to do this project I said to myself "Anything BUT something from Fiddler!" It seemed TOO obvious and clichéd! But after I was able to come up with a concept for a funky treatment of Tradition, everything turned around in my head. It's a really joyous (and all inclusive) way to end The Big Picture, by celebrating all of our traditions.

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