Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Woody Allen and "The Big Picture"

In all of his films, Woody Allen’s sensibility for me is somehow quintessentially Jewish regardless of the subject matter. I chose three pieces of music for TheBig Picture from three of Woody’s most beloved films.

1) Si Tu Vois Ma Mère (from Midnight in Paris)

When I saw Midnight In Paris I flipped out when I heard Bechet's gorgeous Si Tu Vois Ma Mère open and close the film. What a love song to Paris....both from Bechet and Woody Allen!  The musical challenge for me was to find a way to do something totally different from Bechet...and I think that worked out well. I'm very proud of the arrangement I came up with, and so happy to call this version my personal love letter to Paris....and to all of France. 

2) Body and Soul (from Radio Days)

Radio Days is a great film, and the moment where Body and Soul is used is fantastic..evoking the great ritual from days of yore : sitting around the radio absorbed in the world of pure imagination.
PLUS : Body and Soul is one of my favorite tunes ever. To have a chance to put my own personal stamp on this tune is a thrill.

3) March from the Love of Three Oranges (from Love and Death)

Prokofiev's masterpiece was one of my favorite pieces of music growing up as a kid, and I'm delighted to include it in this program. I've always been drawn to Woody Allen's wide range of musical choices for his films, and he used this March perfectly in Love and Death. Plus to have something from the classical repertoire as part of The Big Picture is a fantastic addition to the program.

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