Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome to Ancestral Groove!

Welcome to my brand new blog titled "Ancestral Groove". That's also the name of my band where I bring together the music of my Eastern European Jewish ancestors with the contemporary pulse and sounds of New York today. Along with my concerts as a soloist with orchestra and chamber musician, the sound world I've created with "Ancestral Groove" kind of sums up my whole aesthetic in a nutshell. And fyi: the by-line references the title of a piece written by great friend Daniel Goode. Performing Daniel's solo clarinet piece  "Circular Thoughts"  back in the late 80s helped me start to get deeper into circular breathing‎: a technique that I seem to be closely associated with these days.
So here goes! I'm excited to be launching my blog and hope you all enjoy some of my reflections as I travel around the globe.

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